Under the pavement, a Forest lies forgotten…


Ghostwood is an urban cultural renewal project, celebrating the vegetal world; the one from which we’ve emerged and now turn to again to acknowledge... soul to soul... and root to root.

With an understanding that our human civilization is part of the cycle of life, Ghostwood conjures the Spirit of the genius loci in Nature, and with them, enters into a new dance.

 ...where wood collides with asphalt... where man touches nature... and where life touches life





It is with nostalgia for his childhood in the Breton countryside that Matthieu Boulard, plastician artist, found his desire to celebrate the trees present in our city lifes.

Through his work, he shares our cultural artistic heritage back with Nature.









Anaïde Fleig 

Amazingly intricate & inspired knot artist




Cedric Jardin

Relentless Gardener / Problem Solver


David Couzot

Structure Engeneer / Bodyguard


Alix Orbec 


World Class Photo & Graphic Design


David de Sousa aka SOUMATO 

Pillar of Clarity, Frames Waiver





Tony 'aka Chick' Derbomez

Supa Sharp Vector Art and Print Design


Galy 'The Cat'

Unique Primitive Claw Art


Gwenola Vitré Biancardini

Dreamscapes Scenographist / Lande Artist


Steven Marten

Wicked Wow Writer, Concept Beautifyer





- My B. Family, Dad and Thom

- Phillippe 'Shawnee' Meunier

- Stephane Levallois

- Alice Planes

- Matthieu Bambi

- Valérie Magnier

- Keymsous

- Triphaze

- Richard Stanley

- Chiara and Fergus Bloom

- Vincent Bideaux

- Boris Meyer

- Scarlett Amaris

- Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

- Lucie Bambi

- Wonder Wonder

- Nadège et Laurianne

- Phenix 23

- Antoine Villette

- Fabrice Chollet

- Marie Lautrou